I handed in my nomination papers and £500 at the town hall yesterday. I haven't heard anything from them so I'm presuming it's all alright. Which means I'm doing it! - Vote for me, vote for me and the Raving Loonies!

Actually you will be voting for me, the MRLP and William Hill. William Hill - the bookies - are sponsoring us during the election and it has been decided that the name that appears on the ballot paper will be 'Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party'. I'm not sure that I think this is a good idea - I hope it doesn't put you off. We are still The Official Monster Raving Loony Party - it just doesn't say that on the ballot paper .( more crazy election rules to confuse people). Anyway at least you know now who is sponsering us. All the other parties are sponsored by loads of different people and organizations but do they tell you who they are on the ballot paper?  Do they hell. But The Monster Raving Loony Party does. We are sponsored by William Hill. Which means you should be able to get some good loony bets at your local bookies.

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