182 votes !  Thanks very much all you loonies out there. If everyone had been allowed in to vote might have got a few more!???!??!?

Thurs night was a very strange affair. We arrived at the town hall at about 11.30 to find some very angry people who hadn't been allowed to vote. I'd be angry too. After talking to them we wandered inside and began the long wait. The very long wait. The 15 hour wait! It was supposed to be all over by 4.00 am but it took until almost 11.30am on the fri morn just to finish verificating the three votes. I don't think I've ever drank so much coffee or watched so much political TV. It took just 2 1/2 hours to actually count the the parliamentary vote and so by 2.30 - surprise, surprise - Diane Abbot was announced the winner.  Hey! - she actually spoke to me this time! (Actually her entourage were really friendly.) It had been an interesting but Knackering night - so home to bed. - No photo's of the announcements I'm afraid - My official photographer had wimped out hours before.

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