So here I am - The campaign  for 2010 is under way!  It's been a bit of a slow - and late - start  but things are beginning to happen.

I had a brilliant photo shoot with David Green - - around Dalston . You can see some of the results on  this newly updated site - Yes, I've updated the website! -

We've also got the MRLP quiz team up and running again. It's a great way of telling a whole pub full of people that The Monster Raving Loony Party is on the scene again. Five of us attended the pub quiz  at The Shakespeare on Mon 8th Feb and we came first! (BIG FIB)



If anyone is interested in coming along to the next one please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Not sure where we will be but maybe  The Nobody or The Sovereign or The old Sheila or....... and it will probably be next week sometime. I will let you know - keep checking here for details.

And we've organised a Manifesto Launch. This will take place  on  Sat 10th April at The Shakespeare on Allen rd N16. There will be a raffle, some speeches, musical entertainment from The Big Fibbers, lots of beer drinking and a bit of a party - a monster raving loony party!  I'm not sure about the speeches because I've pretty much decided  that there will be NO POLICIES. This time round a vote for the MRLP will be PURELY A PROTEST VOTE!  see manifesto 2010

So now we are waiting for them to call the election. - Why can't we have fixed terms? That would stop  all this not knowing when - and not being able to plan for - the election will be. And stop that nonsense that happened when Gordon Brown took over running the country and none of us having a vote on the matter.

Blimey - some real politics! - well that's enough of that.

To be continued..............................   

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