Hoorah ! I've joined the celebrity A-list elite - at least in N16 anyway. And on a really appropiate day too ( april fools day)

The cover star on this issue (writes N16) is Knigel Knapp. Aside from looking like a derranged Captain Beefheart from his Trout Mask Replica incarnation (google it,younger readers) Knigel is our local Christmas pudding expert and also indulges in musical antics and Shenanighans withhis band The Big Fibbers. He stood at the last General Election as official Monster Raving Loony candidate  for Hackney North & Stoke Newington, andhe's doing it again this year. He gathered nearly 500 votes last time around(just a few thousand less than Diane Abbot) and in order to save his £500 deposit this time, he requires over 1200 people to put an 'X' next to his name. Dissappointed as we at N16 are with the identikit posturings and pious platitudes of the main political parties, we have decided to support Knigel, largely as a protest vote against the current Westminster expenses-dodgers, duckpond architecs and the like, and we urge our readers to do the same. We look forward to  quaffing celebratory champagne on the house of comms the day after the election. Indeed, so confident is Knigel of victory that he is having his victory party the day before the election. There's chutzpah for you. Vote Knapp : you know it makes sense.

I couldn't have put it better myself ! - And I like the fact that they are fibbing on my behalf - 500 votes??

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