Campaign 2017

So Theresa May sprung a General Election on us – there we all were thinking that it wouldn’t be until 2020 – So much for fixed parliaments eh ? Well it meant that I wouldn’t be able to stand cus I hadn’t got any money saved for my deposit – I thought I’d got another 3 years ! Ah well

But then I got a call from Nick the Brick and he persauded me I should stand, but not in my normal constituency, Hackney North, were I live, but in Isligton North, against Jeremy Corbyn, and that he and R U Seerious would help me out with almost half of my deposit money. “Think of the publicity,” he said, “the TV cameras are bound to be there.” 

After much deliberation I decided I would do it. But I didn’t have much time. It was now the beginning of May so I’d got about 5 weeks to get everything into gear. The trouble was I was rather busy, what with gigs and work, and I’d booked a weeks holiday in Spain months before – I wasnt going to give that up.

So I started campaigning on Facebook, managed to get my nomination forms signed – one afternoon in a little pub I know - and came up with a few ideas for my personal manifesto.

And to be perfectly honest - Ha, now there’s a thing - an honest politican - that was all I did. - Except for a very brief, prerecorded, interview which went out on Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show. - I didn’t spend any time pounding the streets with afew friends all dressed up in loony gear handing out flyers and talking to as many people as we could in as many pubs as we could vist, like I’ve done when I’ve stood in previous elections.

I did find time to organise a Victory Party though. And by June 8th I’d even printed a few copies of my Manifesto. The response on Facebook had been very positve and lots of people had promised to turn up To The Liquor Works on Holloway rd to see my band The Big Faux Fibbers perform . And they did. By 10.00 the place was packed and we all had a great time.

faux fib

liq w

At about 11.30 we took two taxis to The Sobell Sports Center. There was myself and 7 counting agents. I thought security would be tighter – It didn’t take long at all to get in. And then the long wait. We wanderd around, chatted to a few people – everyone was really pleased to see us – they always are - drank coffee and had our photos taken by and with numerous people.

loonies and jc

Nick me and

Nick the Brick had decided I needed some training and when we heard that J.C. was on his way he insisted that I stood by the entrance to greet him – which I did – his training was paying off ! As Jeremy walked into the hall he was surrounded by a mass of phtographers – the only time I’ve ever seen a real media scrum !

Half an hour later the results were announced and there I was on stage right behin Jeremy Corbyn as he was giving his winners speech – pure luck – or was it Nick’s training ?

telly me and JC

I got 106 votes – came 7th out of 10. I was really pleased seeing as I had done no campaigning.

And the response since then has been great. Loads of photos and TV of me behind Jeremy -beamed all over the world via Facebook – see and I even got a photo – with a speech bubble – in Private Eye !

private eye

Yes it was all very good – would I do it again ? – well maybe – but certainly not in the next 6 months - Which is maybe looking likely – ARGH !

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