Knigel Knapp – Knight of the unKnown



Monster Raving Loony Party parliamentary candidate for Islington North

MRLP Minister for Blatant Lies and Big Fibs


I’m not standing against Jeremy Corbyn but with him – in case he needs to form a coalition government !


I sing in a band called The BIG FIbbers. At Last ! An honest politician ! - I'm going to be honest about the fact that I'm lying !

me studio

Vote for me and I'll make the world a better place, give everyone a free woolly hat (not that I want to pull the wool over your eyes), do

anything you want me to (all lies, lies, lies but at least I‘m telling you I‘m lying)



(or big fibs)



- We will pump loads of money into schools and the N.H.S. How will we be able to afford to do this ? – by scrapping

Trident. We will replace it with a 3-Pronged Toasting Fork – which we will NEVER use.

- We want to bring in more cycle ways - across the rooftops of London. A big wide track along the top of Oxford street for instance. Up there cyclists would be safe and the views would be great.

- The MRLP wants to stop the country going to the dogs - so we will ban greyhound racing.

- We will build more canals (which will be good for the unemployment figures) and promote the use of floating bicycles.

- The MRLP still opposes capital punishment - It's unfair on Londoners.

- We will bring in a 99p coin to get rid of some of that loose change

- The MRLP will replace the English symbol of 3 lions with 3 badgers. How often to you see lions roaming around the english country side - Stop the badger cull !

- And as for Brexit ? - I'll have a full English please - Bacon,egg sausage, beans, toast, with maybe a bit of Bubble on the side…….

…... “There may be Bubble ahead, But while there's music and The Loonies and love and romance, Let's face the music and dance.”


- And can we fix the health service ? – Well laughter is the best medicine……..


Vote for The Monster Raving Loony Party -

The only sane thing to do in a world gone mad.


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