Nothing much normally happens between General Elections, but every now and then Knigel Knapp gets off his lazy arse and does something in the name of Lunacy and The Monster Raving Loony Party, and we think it only right and proper that we tell you about it when he does. - If he does.


Nov/Dec 2019

What a bloody stupid time for a General Election ! I won't be involved this time - I'm in the middle of making my Christmas puddings - 800 hunred this year. I'm far to busy to at this time of the year to get into any sort of politics - even The M.R.L.P.


29th November 2019 -

Just found out I have been made deputy leader of The Monster Raving Loony Party - along with 4 others -

this was back in October - nobody told me ! 

 - Deputy Leaders


In the wake of the Labour Party trying to get rid of their Deputy Leader,

the OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony Party now has 5 deputy leaders!

Knigel Knapp, Baron Von Thunderclap, Chinners, The Incredible Flying Brick &  RU Seerius.

Another First for the Loony Party The Dream Team
Hooowling Laud Hope


June 2017 

 Knigel Knapp stood in Islington North in the General Election and got 106 votes and came 7th out of 10 - Not bad at all considering he did almost no campaigning. And he got loads of coverage in the papers and on telly. Photos of him "nodding sagely" behin Jeremy Corbyn while he was delivering his victort speech were beamed alll over the world via facebook. And he even got a photo with a speech bubble in Private Eye. 

May 2017

 So it's True ! -  Knigel Knapp, Knight of the unKnown and Monster Raving Loony Party Minister for Blatant Lies and Big Fibs, will be standing in the forthcoming General Election ! And just for a change he will be standing in Islington North. Isn't that where a certain Jeremy Corbyn is  MP ?  So why has Knigel forsaken Hackney and jumped ship (or double decker bus) for Islington ? Nothing to do with all the TV cameras that will be there on the night surely ? And why is he standing against the future (possibly?!??!?) Prime Minister ?  Knigel says " I'm not standing against Jeremy, I'm standing with him - just in case he needs to form a coalition goverment ! "

 April 2017

 Well there are rumours flying around that Knigel might be standing in this years General Election - they might be true - watch this space ! In the meantime enjoy The Monster Raving Loony Party's Official General Election Campaign Song -

I know it's the same as the one we used in 2015 but this election was rather sprung on us and we haven't had time to record a new one. So much for fixed parliaments eh ?

May 2016 

Knigel knapp stood as a MRLP candidate for the Welsh Assembly. The MRLP  put up over 25 candidates and this entitled us to our first ever Party Election Broadcast. Watch it here -



            Veiw the Monster Mash Video here -                   


April 1st 2015

 April Fool's Day saw the release of The Official Monster Raving loony General Election Song 'Monster Mash' by The Bigger Fibbers. The Fibbers take on the old 50's hit with an amazing pop concrete remix on the bside. Let's get it in the charts during the week of the general election !   Check out for more info and to view the fantastic video. 


April/May 2014

The Monster Raving Loony Party has got together with several independent breweries in the South East of England to produce                 Co-Ale-ition  beers. For more info please go to   
The 7th Co-Ale-tion beer is  'Monster Mash'   a 4% golden ale from the Mash Brewery in East Stratton. Hamps
We will be officially launching Monster Mash at the brewery on Thurs 1st May at 7.00pm. Howling Lord Alan Hope  the MRLP leader will be there as will members of the Cabinet (Knigel Knapp included) who along with Alan appear on the newly designed beer clip - see below. Afterwards we will be traveling into Winchester were we will visit three pubs all serving  Monster Mash. There might even be some live music provided by The Big Fibbers. Everyone is invited to come along and sample another fine example of MRLP              Co-Ale-ition beer and join in all the loony fun.



3rd Jan It's 2012

And there are no bendy buses on the streets of London ! The Mayor of London has nicked another one of The MRLP policy ideas. See my 2005 manifesto.And where have they gone?? - Malta!! I told u Boris was one of us!

Here's to 2012 being a Raving Loony year!


Fri/Sat 23th/24thSept 2011

So conference time is upon us - The Monster Raving Loony Party will be holding their annual conference in Fleet, Hampshire.At The Links Hotel - oppisite the railway station We shall be discussing politics - a bit, and drinking some beer - a lot. The BIG Fibbers will be performing on both days. See for more details.

Hey Hey Hey ! We've finally got hold of the 2010 campaign video - View it here now !



Old News - Thurs 1st July 2010

Knigel was persuaded to take the loony floating bicycle out onto the River Thames again. (doesn't take much persuading - just the promise of an attentive photographer) This time he was water cycling in the Kingston-upon-Thames area much to the amusement of everyone on the river bank and on the pleasure boats. There was suppossed to be an article in the Surrey Advertiser about this - If anyone saw it can they let us know.


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